Google the web colossal of the world is trying to connect to more masses in India.

India, the land of diversity is shortly going to see the launch of Google’s personalized content service, ‘Google Feed’ as well as its ‘Smart Speaker’ and ‘Assistant Google Home’.

A Google executive confirmed that the company will bring its Google feed service to India shortly. Shashihar Thakur, vice president of Google Search said , ‘India is super high priority for us. It's difficult to say exactly how soon, but we want to get Google Feed to India soon.” As for Google Home, three people aware of the company's plans said the smart speaker is likely to be launched here next year.

Since India is a country of varied languages, people; more often need to search in their regional language. This is being targeted by Google therefore; it is working hard on the idea. "We are also putting quite a bit of energy into Google Search's language diversity needs in India, focusing on 20-odd Indian languages," Shashikar Thakur said in his interaction with ET in California. This is a great step by Google to reach people more closely in India.

In July, Google released a personalized news feed for phones that would throw up a stream of content for users, based on location, search history and topics they have selected. The company also plans to introduce a 'new-to-you' feature in the feed this year, which will list out links to a user's favourite topics and help him/her take a deeper dive into a particular subject.

According to Thakur, another area for investment for Google in India is local content. There are various challenges in India given the country's wide variety of regional languages. "There are different ways to write 'Virendra' in the Devanagari script and Hindi script. Building these kinds of aspects into our algorithms is a challenge. Investing in these aspects will ultimately improve the feed experience too," said Thakur.

In the meantime, Google has replicated interest-specific learnings from India in other markets such as South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. With Google Home too, the company will explore the use of select regional languages, according to the people aware of the company's plans. "Hindi and Tamil are some of the languages that Google will test out for Google Home.

Finally, Google Home will do it all for you, aiming to be Indian household's go-to source for booking a cab, setting reminders, playing music, turning off the lights and soon.