Ludhiana’s biggest digital entity LudhianaLive is headed by CEO Mr Kawal Chabbra who is a visionary in his own right. He hopes to make this entity as big as his dreams for it are. BDS Technologies Limited came into existence in 2004 and further went on to birth the various other platforms that have grown and flourished over the years.

SMS Factory

SMS Factory is North India's biggest aggregators for bulk SMS services. SMS Factory has been providing comprehensive solutions for the past 12 years with about 800 corporate and retail clients. Cheapest, fastest and most reliable way to deliver text and voice SMS messages to target audiences for all service and businesses.

Catering to hundreds of clients has been developing websites since the last eight years. also developes ERP/customised software for various businesses and requirements and is constantly working to extend the kind of IT services are available in the current market.

LudhianaLive – the news portal

A city like Ludhiana has always been underestimated. As other cities on the map of India grow by leaps and bounds in recent times, the long standing, and dogged growth of the city has not been able to pull up many stories as it should have. Though, stories there are aplenty.

Putting Ludhiana on that map alongside other cities is our dream. LudhianaLive is a digital startup in Ludhiana that has fast become an important source of credible information for the people of Ludhiana. We have an experienced team of trendsetters, modern and scalable infrastructure and an excellent social media presence.

Today, with about 1.5 million hits every day we are the most viewed domain in the city.

This story started in 2016. In the sweltering heat of May, a team of three, headed by Mr Chhabra, worked day and night to gauge the online consumption of the average Ludhianvi. And what do they discover? From, cool boulevards of Punjab Agricultural University to the local halwai’s gulab jamuns; images of things close to the hearts of the people were a hit. Thus was birthed the news portal

Eventually, alerts on traffic jams, latest events in the city and the like found their way to our platform. LudhianaLive had become everyone’s go to for information about the city.

This was the first platform in Ludhiana that was giving the city real time updates about their city.

Even now, LudhianaLive is the only platform that gives the city real time information that is not available anywhere else. We have a large social networking presence that has a post reach of 2 million everyday and is growing.

It is no small feat that the team of LudhianaLive has achieved. LudhianaLive is ranked Ludhiana’s Number 1 Business, Trade, and News Website by Alexa. We also feature among the top 15,000 websites of India within a short span of a few months.

LudhianaLive – B2B & B2C

Our mission is to make it easier for people to access local information at any point in time. It is our endeavour to be an essential partner to Ludhiana’s business people to drive their businesses, and, to build a long lasting and profitable business in this segment. Our B2B and B2C platform, could easily be the biggest in the country and we hope to become the biggest in the world.

We dream of growing, of reaching heights and fulfilling dreams. We also dream of taking people along with us on this journey.

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